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Water testing in Ramada Manukau

Our team has done a tremendous job! We have successfully passed the Preliminary water test (AAMA 501.2) on curtain wall system at our Manukau site.

Exo frame

EXO frames for The International are under production

The aluminium frame (400x200x10mm rectangular box in 11.2mts at the longest length) are extruded by the world largest extrusion press for 11000 tones.

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The International project updates

We are nearing completion of the frames and sliding doors on level 12 and external EXO nodes between Level 5 and 10.


Ramada Manukau is in progress

Curtain wall panel installations on Manukau site are in progress now.

August 2018

The spider glazing curtain walls added a touch of elegance to the main entrance at Enfield Apartment

As of today, we have completed the glazing work for the frameless entrance of Enfield Apartment.

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July 2018

Ramada Manukau Site Visit

AWF QS team are very impressed after site visit of Ramada Manukau today, everything progress well, facade installation could start as early as next Month!


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June 2018

Ramada Victoria is rising up

Our project team visited Ramada Victoria site today, facade panels will be onsite soon, installation is about to kick off!

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May 2018

Sylvia Park Big Night Out

The facade of the pavilion delivers an exciting new-look entrance for the shopping centre.